The SPICE Cabinet

The SPICE Cabinet

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All you need to impress your spicy friends. All of my spices are made in small batches with premium ingredients and no fillers and a balanced amount of salt. Unlike most mass produced spice blends these are going to be fresh and haven't been sitting on a shelf or in a warehouse for years. Package Includes 

Hot Pepper Salt
This hot pepper salt is grown out of the garden just like the Powerful Pepper Company. Mild, Hot, and Super-hot Chili varieties combine to make this a go-to seasoning for soups and sauces that need an extra kick. 

Taco Mix
Taco Mix. Like "Old El Paso" but it tastes good instead. Nice heat and a bit of smoke level brought to you by a house pecan wood roasted chili de arbol, cherrywood smoked salt, and toasted cumin. 

Blackening Seasoning 
This classic blackening seasoning relies on a small Texas chili called the bird chili or chili pequin for a nice bit of smokey heat that's better than cayenne any day of the week.

Ghost Pepper BBQ Rub
BBQ Rub with a KICK. Slather this rub on either 2 butts or 3 racks of ribs thereabouts before they go on the smoker to turn your BBQ up. This is a secret blend of some of the finest spices available and has just the right amount of heat to leave that lingering smokey heat from the ghost chili to tickle your lips while you scarf down that delicious pork. You can use this rub for all sorts of other things too, a great companion to steak, fish, tofu? or on your eggs for breakfast, I'm sure you can find a ton of uses for this versatile rub in your kitchen. Enjoy!