Small Batch Hot Sauce
Small Batch Hot Sauce
Small Batch Hot Sauce
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Small Batch Hot Sauce

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These sauces are the delicious result of my experimental small batch fermentation program. Unique, delicious, and some of them are incredibly spicy. Each 1-3 gallon batch starts with fresh peppers and other veggies and ferments for a minimum of three weeks before it's cooked, blended, taste tested, and hand bottled and labeled. These will come and go as stock changes. These are my playground to try new things so keep checking back or sign up for my newsletter to get updates on whats coming out. Enjoy!

Salsa Verde - A milder sauce that uses simple ingredients all fermented together. Tomatillio, garlic, Serrano and jalapeno peppers, and cilantro make this a go to topper for any taco. Especially good on chicken and fish. Fresh and delicious sauce to elevate the flavor of your food. 

Sir Ratchet - A nice siracha style sauce, 100% peppers garlic salt and sugar, no water added, no other flavors. I amend this nice base with Super hot peppers. Mainly a Douglah X Scorpion pepper that had a really nice flavor to go with a ton of heat. So like a siracha sauce on steroids. It sneaks up on you long after you've thought to yourself, "this isn't that hot." 

This One Mk VII - Fatalii Peppers, Scotch Bonnets, Scotch Brains, and Ghost peppers light this sauce up. A great tasting scorcher of a sauce. Not as hot as IV or V but hotter than VI, this is a well rounded sauce with a nice hot burn that lasts for awhile. As close as it gets to eating a pepper right out of the garden.

This one Mk VI (Sold Out) - This sauce gave me a bit of trouble so you need to shake it a bit if it settles. This happens when the brine content gets a bit higher than I would like and if you're also like me and refuse to use artificial thickeners. So I discounted it. Everything else about this sauce is FIRE. Last this one of 2022 from the garden, all of my super hot peppers a ton of BBG Scorpion Douglah, Gasoline, Reaper, and Euphoria peppers on a base of carrot onion and garlic. This one will light you up.

Tepache Garden Yellows - I stole the tepache idea from a fermented Mexican drink originating in central Mexico that uses pineapple, cinnamon, and sugar to make use of the usually discarded parts of a pineapple. Pineapple, Cinnamon, and a host of yellow garden peppers make this garlic free sauce a first for me. Giant yellow scorpion, Fatalii, and Scotch Bonnet bring the heat in this sauce. This sauce is great on pork or on a spoon.

This One Mk V (Sold Out )- Featuring Carolina Reapers, Gasoline, Scorpion, Reaper Sbagliato, DouglahXScorpion and a ton of fresh, just picked Fatalii peppers for flavor. Ouch

Green Goblin (Sold Out )- A truly interesting blend of serrano chili peppers, tart kiwi and tomatillo with some cilantro, onion, and garlic to round out my flavors. Not very hot but I can't stop reaching for it and dumping it all over my food. 

This One Mk IV (Sold Out )- Oops I did it again. This blazing beast has a new twist and all new peppers coming out of the garden for 2022. The hottest sauce I make with fermented  Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Viper Brown, Giant Yellow Scorpion, Gasoline, and Scorpion Peppers. Good Luck. 

(Sold Out)("This One" Family) Berry Berry Berry Hot Sauce - Very Very Very Hot sauce. 9.5/10 This scorching fermented sauce is made from wild dewberries and some of the hottest peppers in the world. Like, a lot of them. I mean a ton, a shitload, a boatload. I've met too may people lately that say I don't make anything hot enough for them. Well here you go. Fatalii, Brain Strain, Ghost, Peach Ghost. It's got all of them, in spades. 

(Sold Out) Garden Yellows - The caution color. I fermented fatalii, scotch bonnet, and peach ghost peppers to light up this sauce. A beautiful color and a bright in your face heat and flavor. Punchy up front with a long slow burn as well. 

(Sold Out) This One Mk II - The sauce that answers a question. The question in question is "What's your hottest sauce?" and your answer is right on the label. 60 day ferment. 80% peppers. I try and make each one hotter than the last. This one is a combination of 7-pot Brain Strain, Ghost, Why Not, and Carolina Reaper with a bit of carrot onion and garlic thrown in for flavor and texture. 

(Sold Out) This One Mk III - Continuing in my search for the spice this version features a blend of red jalapeno, apocalypse scorpion, and 7 Pot Brain Strain Peppers. I'm not going to lie, this one took me a bit by surprise at how hot it is since I left out the reaper. 

(Sold Out) Chipotle Ghost - Another home run sauce. This guy will light up any Mexican or South American dish. Earthy spicy smoky and absolutely delicious. I'm working on adding this to my permanent collection to go along side the smoked mango habanero and the serrano pineapple plantain. It's my current favorite sauce. 

(Sold Out) The Kitchen Sink #2 - Fresh garden chili peppers. Some of the hottest I grow, fermented and blended with dried chili peppers. This is a complex sauce that has a super slow burn that takes forever to build up but then lingers forever. I just try and outdo myself with the variety of peppers I can add to a single sauce. 

(Sold Out) Pineapple Pink Tiger X Peach Ghost - A sauce with a lot of kick and a fruity garlic punch. My new go-to for seafood and pulled pork. Fermented sauce with a simple clean flavor and a big punch of heat. 

(Sold Out) Chili Manzano - This is a bright orange bright sauce with an upfront zing that dissipates quickly. Medium heat and a fruity hard to place flavor. 

(Sold Out) Thai Chili - This is the sauce for all of your asian dishes and soups. At least, that what I use it for. I'm actually drooling as I write this. This was a long ferment and a lot of extra labor goes into these sauces. 

(Sold Out) Ghost Pepper Beet - Bright purple with a HUGE burn. A nice earthy sauce, not for the faint of heart. 

(Sold Out) Ghost Bonnet Beet - Similar to the Ghost Pepper Beet but with some extra Scotch Bonnets thrown in for good measure. 

(Sold Out) Spiced Strawberry Scotch Bonnet - The same as the scotch bonnet but with the addition of cinnamon and allspice to give it even more of that island flair.  

(Sold Out) Red Poblano, Red Jalapeno - An earthy, sweet, tangy sauce with a little bit of heat. It's basically pepper ketchup. Or at least that's how I've been using it. 

(Sold Out) Garden Reds - From seed to bottle these reds will light you up. I tempered Ghost Peppers and 7-Pot Brain Strain Peppers with big ripe red jalapeños to make a bright tangy hot sauce that lingers and pairs well with almost any type of food.

(Sold Out) Peach, Peach Ghost x Pink Tiger - The one pepper that has been going crazy this year are these Peach Ghost x Pink Tiger chili peppers that I grew from seed this year. The beautiful pods pair well with this tangy and earthy sauce that has a super bright turmeric yellow color and a funky peach flavor. Best on proteins that could use a little sweetness from the peaches. This sauce provide a nice long burn.  

(Sold Out) Strawberry Scotch Bonnet - Hot but not as hot as the Ghost sauces this guy has a wild strawberry flavor and goes great with pork or island food.